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About Audiology

Hearing loss is not only restricted to the Older Generation. Younger adults and children are also prone to having hearing problems. People working in High Noise Environments run the risk of losing their hearing every time they are at work.

An audiologist runs a complete range of diagnostic hearing tests in order to identify and evaluate the range, nature and degree of hearing or hearing loss in babies, children and adults.

Follow-up services then include appropriate medical referral, the selection and fitting of appropriate hearing instruments, as well as subsequent training of the patients in using what is left of their hearing as well as learning to speak / improve their speech.

Have your hearing assessed today to avoid losing it tomorrow.

About Speech Therapy

Speech (and Language) Therapy is aimed at helping people overcome any difficulties they might be experiencing with communication.

Do you, or someone you know, stutter? Does your child struggle pronouncing certain sounds or words? Have you lost your ability to speak after a stroke? Do you have a 4 year old who does not talk? Well, don’t despair. Speech (and Language) Therapy can help rectify the problem.

The Speech- and Language Therapist is a health professional who does full diagnosis and treatment of the complete range of all speech, voice, hearing and language problems in patients ranging from babies to the aged. This includes problems such as disorders of sound production and language learning, voice disorders, swallowing disorders, stuttering and disorders of speech and language following strokes, accidents, mental retardation and autism.

About Annelize

Annelize obtained her B A (Log) degree at the University of Pretoria and has been practicing as a Speech Therapist and Audiologist in Namibia since 1982.

During her time working in Education, she quickly moved up to Principal Speech Therapist and Audiologist, and was active in providing services and training to the Community throughout the country, both as part of her work and as volunteer.

In March 2002, Annelize established a private practice in Swakopmund. This practice offers diagnostic hearing tests, the latest range of Hearing Aids and Hearing Protective Devices as well as Speech, Voice and Language Therapy to clients of all ages.

She regularly travels to Oranjemund, Rosh Pinah and Lüderitz to assist the mines in ensuring the hearing health of their employees and consults with prominent ENTs on a regular basis.

Annelize Odendaal